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The Arneson family wanted to thank you again for the FANTASTIC opportunity you provided for both Blake and Brady, to play with 02 and 04 teams in Finland!  Both boys (& mom) had an awesome time and enjoyed the international competition. 
Nina and Scott Arneson

Thank you so much for giving my son (Caleb Everett), an opportunity to play with the CCM Selects team and represent the USA. We had an amazing experience in Finland enjoying the culture and the hockey. I was really impressed with how everything was put together. Top notch organization and would be jump at the chance to continue being a part of the Selects team.
Thank you again, Chad Everett
Thank you very much for making our Finland trip truly unforgettable experience. We are very fortunate to be included. You, guys, are top notch organization, very professional and personable. We would definitely do it again for both of our boys. One thing we can promise: the Aronov boys will be training hard all next year so their commitment to be the best hockey players and teammates they can be as strong as yours to making their experiences truly special. Thank you again for all your hard work.
Olga and Yuri Aronov
I wanted to drop you a note to say thank you. Trevor loved the experience in Toronto and the camps he did at Notre Dame and at St. Benedictine. We just returned last evening from Helsinki. It was an amazing experience for Trevor and for me. We have gotten to meet great kids and families through all these opportunities and most recently visit a new country and experience its culture. We had a ton of fun and built some very cool memories! Justin is a wonderful coach and we really enjoyed getting to know him better too. Again, huge thanks to you for helping to make this all possible for Trevor! Hoping to the seeing you on the ice soon!
With much appreciation, Amalia and Trevor Amalia Tragos Stachowiak
Thank you again for inviting Jack to play in Helsinki! It was a wonderful trip and a great experience for us both. As usual, everything was well organized and done the right way (your team was well prepared and had everything under control). I really enjoyed spending time with all of the families…what a great group of people you put together! Lots of laughs and many embellished stories (mine included), just as you’d expect. Wish you and your family would have been there to enjoy it with us. The boys were fun to watch…both on and off the ice. Coaches were great – nice balance of fun and competition. Truly a wonderful vacation!
Kirk Ludwig
Thank you so much for inviting Jeremy to go to Helsinki !!He had a blast and of course loved playing there. We feel very fortunate that he was given that opportunity . Great memories! Thanks again Kevin!!
Kari Berkheiser, Jeremy's Davidson's mom
From me, thank you so much for an amazing week in Helsinki. The hockey was amazing for Trevor and the outcome was icing on the cake! But the whole experience of being on the team with such great kids and families and discovering Helsinki together was simply amazing. We have terrific memories that we will treasure for a lifetime! Thank you for being a great coach and leader to our players. It was a super fun week! Look forward to seeing you around the rinks.
Just a quick note saying thank you for having Sean and Max attend the Benedictine camp two weeks ago. The camp was run like clock work - the boys learned good life lessons being away from home and obviously learned a ton of hockey skills during the day as they were markedly better at the end of the week. The week before the Benedictine camp Sean attended another well respected camp in Minnesota - after the two back to back weeks I asked him what the differences were and he said "dad the camp in MN had really good coaches but the talent was to spread-out - the coaches at Selects were really good and they demanded more and expected us to work harder and all of the kids were really good players". Thank you again - the boys really look forward to the Selects Camps and their high standard of learning. See you at the rink this fall.
Thank you for working with Connor this spring and summer. The clinics/camps were outstanding, as were all the coaches and facilities. We really appreciated the opportunity to have Connor participate in the program, and he had a lot of fun. You and your team did a great job.
I just wanted to thank you once more for giving my son Luke the opportunity to participate in the Select camp last week. This was truly a great experience for him. He's been sharing all the stories with his local buddies since coming home. As a former hockey player and current coach, I was really impressed with the entire operation. I hope we can continue to have more opportunities with 200 x 85 in the future.
Thanks again. Jeff McPhee
First, thank you for a great week. It has been such a good experience. We really appreciate being included. Again, thank you very much.
Veronica Richter
Mikey and I want to thank all of you for the great experience in Finland and the opportunity to play on the team. The trip was so well organized and I can only imagine what it takes to plan and coordinate an event like that ahead of time from the US. It was a great experience and something we will never forget for the rest of our lives!
Thank you, Mike DeAngelo
I just wanted to take a moment to thank you and the rest of the 200X85 staff for a terrific weekend of hockey. I can't say enough about how organized and well run your clinics have been. To have instructors actually "teach", correct the kids, and utilize the time 100% is incredibly refreshing and much appreciated.
Even though my son was incredibly exhausted by the end of the weekend (my bad for letting him run in a 5K Saturday morning before 3 sessions), he had a great time and said he learned more in four hours than he did all Fall season! Thanks again for "raising the bar"!
Tiffanie Sperling

I just wanted to say thank you for the great opportunity that my son Andrew Jicha had this past weekend working with you and your staff. Great practices with high quality drills and fantastic tempo. That is all that he is talking about - "when do we get to do that again." We look forward to the coming back to Chicago for the workout in April. 
John A. Jicha
I thought the/our first 200x85 camp this week was excellent!! I thought the mix of drills were great and challenging, I also like the mix up of instructors. Please keep me informed of any other clinics you are doing or might know about. Thanks
Joe Sondag

We wanted to compliment you guys on the camp this weekend. It was well run and very worthwhile.|
In particular, who was the coach that ran the last day's skating session? My wife took Logan that morning and she didn't recognize him. We'd be very interested to participate in other sessions you offer, especially focused on skating. Please let us know how we can participate in either small group sessions with that coach or another skating focused coach like him. Good stuff...
Again, thanks for hosting our son and running such high quality sessions.

Thank you for allowing Andy to be part of a great weekend of development.
He said it was both fun and challenging and also learned some new moves. 
We appreciate the opportunity. 
Michelle Phalen
I want to thank you and the rest the 200x85 instructors for providing a memorable experience for my son, Oscar.
He has attended many sport training (only 3 hockey) camps in his young career so I believed him when he exclaimed that this camp was one of the best in terms of instruction and competition. Oscar's a stickler for efficiently run programs so consider that high praise.
Having children who are multi travel sport athletes presents many challenges (finance, time, etc.) therefore, I too, am greatly appreciative when they encounter a well run instructional camp.
I specifically enjoy moments when a player is pulled aside by an instructor who takes time to provide more specific instruction. I recall Oscar being the beneficiary of this method 3-4 times over the course of the weekend (once today when he neglected to pass to a teammate during a two man attack the net drill).
Christian Manrique
We had a great time this weekend. Thank you for the opportunity to part of that. My son Andrew loved it. We look forward to any opportunity in the future to be apart of that again. Anyway thanks again for such a great opportunity.
Austin Lindley 

Perfect Camp. Intensity,duration, delivery, staffing, and focus of the 5 sessions were incredible. Daniel and I both agreed-it was the best. Thanks.
BJ and Daniel Johnson

I just wanted to let you know about some great feedback I heard this weekend while at the Chi-town shuffle. A couple of the parents that were on our team, one dad who has a son named Cole from Indianapolis, a mom from Texas who has a son named Ian and Rachelle the goalie's mom could not say enough good things about the camps put on by 200x85. They said that they are extremely well run and that their kids get a lot out of them. Cole and Ian attended the March camp and asked the parents asked if Joey was there? I said yes and they said, wasn't it fantastic! They also mentioned that all of the coaches are good and that they love how there is never any down time. My husband Tony and I agreed with all of this.

I also heard the same feedback about the camp that was run at Glacier 2 weekends ago from several people. Joey was supposed to attend but ended up going to the tournament in Detroit. Next time.

Well that's all, just thought you would like to know. It's nice to hear good things.
Laura DeVita
I wanted to send a note so you could pass it along to the coaches of the Holiday Camp. My 02, who has only been playing a few years, went to camp looking to get better. After his first practice - where it was pretty clear he was on the bottom scale of the talent - he came out of the rink just pumped up. I could tell he was fired up, in a positive way, so I asked him how it went. He talked about how the other kids were giving him encouragement etc... but then he got into how the coaches were encouraging him and telling him to keep it up and staying positive with him. He was just beaning. He loves to be challenged and to work hard and the 200x85 staff provided such a great environment for that. This was not his first camp (I have two other boys in hockey so I have seen a few camps) and the overall professionalism of the 200x85 staff was noticeable from other camps. My guy really got into the level of expectation and the accountability of doing the drill correctly as well as the occasional at a boy. Please tell everyone from Justin to the coaches running the clinics, what a positive influence they had on my kid and it is greatly appreciated.
Bret Matthews

First I want to compliment you and your staff for a well run holiday camp. I have seen a few camps and this is by far the best! What is most impressive was the attention that the coaches gave to each skater allowing for instant feedback and correction as needed. There were many skaters on the ice yet the coaches' attention somehow seemed like the session was 1:1. Kudos again to the 200x85 staff!
Rowena Navarro

I wanted to thank you and the CCM Selects for giving Braden the opportunity to skate in Madison. He had a great time! Your organization is first class!
Thank you once again, Brad Costello
Thanks again for the opportunity. Tyson had an absolute blast, he knew a lot of guys there and was able to do somethings both on and off the ice that really went a long way for him. I was with my younger son Kyle at the Ann Arbor training this weekend but heard from some folks that I trust that know the game and will tell me the truth and they said Tyson held his own out there so that was good to hear. He came away from the weekend really positive about everything! My younger son (Kyle the 2005) also had a lot of fun in Ann Arbor this weekend, he learned some things and was tested but also made some great memories. I saw both of them playing good two way hockey like your 200x85 motto talks about (they performed well all camp but was nice to see them going hard until the end), so it was good to see we might be doing something right with the two of them up here in little tiny Oregon, WI.... LOL.... We will see how winter goes for them as both boys made the 2004 winter Madison Capitols team so hopefully that will be a good experience for them as well. Anyway really appreciate it, it was a great experience for both boys. Hope they both get some additional opportunities to grow and learn from your camps and other opportunities in the future.
Thanks, Jeff Rohrer
Just wanted to thank you, and your group, for a great camp. My son, Cannon, was part of the 04's and had a blast. We definitely want to do more in the future!
Thanks, Jeff Lentz
Thanks for hosting and running a great camp in Madison. Jimmy and I enjoyed the whole experience.
All the best Arthur Duffy
The Select have been great and run first class. He's interested anytime you have an opening.
Thanks, Chris Wilson
I just wanted to take a minute to thank you, on behalf of Mikey, for the opportunity to attend the Select Camp at Univ of Wisc last weekend. He learned SO much from the coaches and loved every minute of it!! If there is ever another opportunity, where you need goalies, for any upcoming camps, please put his name on the list and contact us.
Thanks again! Gina Petrecca
The Notre Dame weekend was fantastic. My girls, Cecilia and Caroline, agreed it was one of their best and most valuable hockey experiences ever. We appreciate your efforts. See you in Madison.
Ellen Jenkins
I have been meaning to drop you a note.  Just want to let you know that Max and I greatly appreciate how you run ALL of your camps and skills.  They are always planned professionally and fun for the players.  I don’t know what you are planning for next year and beyond for 2000’s, but I hope you continue to provide your skills and camps. 
Mitch Goldstein
Daniel and I want to say thank you very much for a wonderful experience in Select camp. Daniel said it is the best hockey training camp he has ever attended. I am greatly impressed by the first class coaching, training method, facility and overall arrangement.
Thomas Hu Scarsdale, NY
I wanted tell you and your staff what a great job you guys did this weekend. my son got a ton of instructions and ice time and the experience at ND was top notch. I think this allowed him to stive for new goals as a goalie. I would recommend this and any 200x85 camp to anyone.
Bob Ambroffi
Another great weekend for Charlie Campbell & Dad. Kudos for also including a goalie clinic/session - it was Charlie's favorite. For a young goalie to be on the ice at a clinic with 16 year olds is priceless.
Ed Campbell Bridgeview, IL
We wanted to say 'thank you very much' for inviting Joey to the Select Camp this past weekend. It was truly an amazing opportunity. He had a great time, learned so much, and made some new friends. He was excited to show off some of his new skills in the alley last night, and it was a challenge to get the stick out of his hands when it was time to go to bed. He is already talking about Seven Bridges in July. Thank you for all of your hard work and dedication to developing these players.
Joe and Livia Krzak
Thank you again for adding my son Noah Grannan (02 goalie) to the camp roster last week. Both he and my 04, Matthew Grannan, had a great experience. Both boys spoke very highly of the coaching and the camp as a whole. I was extremely impressed with the organization of the camp, and the total development it offered the boys. Thank you again. I really appreciate all you and your team did this weekend for the boys.
Jeremy Grannan
Your organization did a fantastic job this past weekend, Xander and I really enjoyed it !!!
Scott Babich

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