STX Shootout

2017 STX Shootout Tournament - Notre Dame / South Bend, IN
Feb 2-4, 2018 - 2006 Pee Wee Minor-
Download: Hotel Process

Please read and follow the below Reservation Process for your team.
The team contact is responsible for providing copies of, or discussing, tournament hotel rules and procedures provided by the STX Notre Dame Tournament with all members of their group.
Review all the information in the Hotel Packet. This packet includes the reservation procedure, a list of hotel choices, reservation information, and hotel rules. Be sure to share all guidelines and procedures with all members of the team.
Complete and submit the Online Hotel Submission form. You will be directed to this form after you complete this acknowledgement form.
Please be sure all the team representative/contact's information is provided as well as the amount of rooms needed by the team, PER NIGHT.
Once the team's hotel registration is submitted, a hotel will be assigned to the team. Hotel preferences are granted based on availabilty of the STX Notre Dame Tournament block at the time your Hotel Registration is received. Please remember the size of our blocks vary from hotel to hotel and your first choices may not always be available.
Additional hotels may be added as room blocks are filled.
Once a hotel has been assigned to the team, the hotel sales manager will contact the team representative to provide Reservation process.
The team representative must share the Reservation process with all members of their team in order for reservations to be made into their team block. The hotel will allow 2-3 weeks from the date of receipt of Reservation process for teams to complete their reservations.
After that period has expired, individual reservations will be based on availibility only.
There is a 3 night mandatory stay for all out of town teams.
Room types will be either 2 double beds, 2 Queen beds, 1 Queen bed with sleeper sofa or 1 King bed with sleeper sofa. There is NO guarantee of which room type you may get.
Every team is NOT guaranteed a complimentary room, the following is the complimentary rooms policy...
(1) one complimentary guest room, per team, per night, for every 15 guest rooms occupied and paid for each night over the tournament dates. Typically to be used for the team coach. If your team qualifies for the 16th room, please assign the complimentary room directly with the hotel. Again, (pay for 15 get the 16th free per night per team). The complimentary room reservation must still be made within the block of rooms for your team and should be made at least 3 weeks prior to event.
Pages two and three of this packet must be read and initialed by the team representative/contact, prior to getting to the hotel request form. By you initializing, you have agreed to all hotel rules and policies for your entire team.
This Section includes important information on hotel policies and procedures.
Please read and share this information with your team:
A stipulation of being accepted into the STX Notre Dame Tournament is that ALL out of town teams MUST book rooms through the STX Notre Dame Tournament. Reserving rooms through the tournament requires teams to stay in an authorized tournament hotel at tournament rates. No other rates, discounts, or hotel reward points regardless of how acquired will be allowed. No exceptions. Failure to follow and or circumvent procedures and obligations will result in removal from the tournament. In this case registration fees will not be refunded.
Complete all sections of the online registration form. No alternate forms will be accepted. Hotel assignment is on first come first served basis.
All hotels work to keep your team as close together as possible. However, please understand that special requests and rooming list changes may cause your block to separate. Room additions, deletions and special requests or instructions regarding your team's room block should be made directly with your team's hotel contact at that time.
Individual cancellations will be accepted by the hotels until 6:00 pm 72 hours (3 days) prior to arrival for the listed party. Individual cancellations NOT MADE more than 72 hours in advance will be considered a “no show” and will be charged for one room night plus tax. Early departures (parties checking out earlier than the departure date originally requested) are subject to fees determined by the hotel (typically one nights room and tax).
If teams cancel more than 50% of their entire room block within one (1) week of the tournament start date, they will be subject to charges for one night per room plus tax, for their entire block of rooms originally listed on the rooming list.
A credit card imprint to cover incidental charges incurred throughout the weekend is required by a representative of each room at time of check-in (i.e. phone calls, room service, movies, etc.).
Listed check-in times are 3:00pm.
Every team is NOT guaranteed a complimentary room, the following is the complimentary room policy: (1) one complimentary guest room per team, per night for every 15 guest rooms occupied and paid for each night over the tournament dates to be used for the team's coach (Pay for 15 and the 16th room is comp'd per night per team). If your team qualifies for the 16th room, please assign the complimentary room directly with the hotel. The complimentary room reservation must still be made through the Reservation Process.
There is no guarantee of room type, rooms may be 2 double beds, 2 queen beds, 1 Queen with sleeper sofa or a King bed with sleeper sofa.
Rollaways/cots are available at most hotels. Extra charges may apply (typically between $10-$20 per cot per night).

Team Contact:
Please provide a copy or discuss these rules with members of your group prior to arrival.
Download Rules: Hotel Process

Our hotels have asked us to provide you with guidelines for your stay during the tournament.
Please remember you are representatives of your hometown and organization and
your behavior is a direct reflection on the community you represent.

To ensure all of our guests, and other guests in the hotel, enjoy their stay,
please review the following:

Tournament room rates may not be available before and/or after the tournament dates. In this case the hotel's current existing room rates would apply and this is the hotels discretion.
No Reward Points, No discounts, Coupons or other hotel rates will pertain to tournament guests.
Children are not permitted in the hallways or common areas of the hotel after 10:00pm. All children under the age of 15 must be in a guest room before 10:00 pm.
No hockey sticks of any kind (ice hockey, shinny hockey, etc.) are allowed in the hotels.
“Shinny Stick Hockey” and “Hall Hockey” will not be allowed in the hotel.
DO NOT bring shinny hockey sticks into the hotel.
Children must be accompanied everywhere in the hotel at all times, including common areas & swimming pools.
No running anywhere in the hotel, this includes hallways and common areas.
Listed check-in times are 3:00pm.
Parents and/or the team's representative will be held responsible to compensate the hotel for any loss, in the event of any damage to hotel property. (In the event of physical damage, the individual will be billed for the actual cost of the repairs and/or replacement of the damaged items and the related costs.)
Only one warning will be given by the hotel to the violators of the rules, including misuse of elevators, excessive noise or unruly behavior. Continued disruptive behavior will result in removal from the hotel property. In this case, NO refund of hotel or tournament registration fees will be made.
The STX Notre Dame Tournament is a stay to play tournament. All out of town teams participating in this event are required to stay at a tournament hotel. By submitting this form you are acknowledging you and your team agree to all the hotel policies in place for the STX Notre Dame Tournament. Once this acknowledgement is submitted you will be granted access to view all the hotel choices assigned to your team’s level.
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