Body Contact


Multi-hour program incorporating contact specific instruction
Seven Bridges Ice Arena, IL

200×85 annually offers it’s Body Contact clinic to teach players how to give and receive a check.  The clinics incorporate contact specific instruction using player sized checking dummies.  This clinic provides players with an opportunity for professional instruction on the skills of awareness, angling, body position and body contact. Each session focuses on helping players develop their confidence in physical situations and reduce the likelihood of injury.

USAH has established new rules which have changed the ages where body contact is allowed thus allowing players to get more comfortable and confident in physical situations. “Body contact is a huge part of hockey and is a skill just like skating, passing and shooting,” said Justin Lewandowski, 200 x 85’s V.P. of Hockey Operations. “You can’t play this game scared. It’s imperative that players learn how to give and receive a check.”

October 9, 2017 (Columbus Day)  @ Seven Bridges Ice Arena
Fully Structured Body Contact Program
2004/2003 & 2006/2005 Birth Year Players Only (AA/AAA level)

Cost: $75.00  Please remit payment payable to 200 x 85 LLC.

October 9th, 2017  (Columbus Day)